4 Hat LLC Forges Strategic Profit-Sharing Partnerships

This was originally shared on Newstrail about us!  Reprinted here with permission

Low-income countries have been dependent on foreign support for many years, but since the COVID-19 pandemic the need for additional support has drastically increased. Economists further suggest that low-income countries will continue to need foreign support, at least for the next couple of years. 

The support offered by foreign countries, such as the U.S., includes, but is not limited to, helping with necessities, such as food and water, providing shelter, and providing clothes. These communities typically also have a devastating number of orphaned children. Because of this, businesses in the U.S. who are supporting countries in need, are also supporting these orphans as well.

U.S. businesses are trying to lend a hand to these low-income countries and one such business is Passion’s Coffee. Passion’s Coffee, a hand-crafted, gourmet coffee supplier, supports these countries by giving them a percentage of their profits. The website of Passion’s Coffee is, alongside many others, run by 4 Hat LLC.

Passion’s Coffee: Also taking care of the environment 

Passion’s Coffee is the signature brand of 4 Hat LLC, and they offer hand-crafted gourmet coffees made from free trade beans, which have been sourced from single-origin free-trade growers and roasted to specific standards. 10% of Passion’s Coffee’s profits are delivered to Iris Global, through 4 Hat LLC, to be able to lend support to various struggling countries and communities.

Their Guatemalan coffee beans were recognized as a Finca La Bolsa finalist of Cup of Excellence and are Rainforest Alliance certified. Their roasters are certified, so are they by association.

To become Rainforest Alliance certified, coffee companies must go through a rigorous assessment and certification process. This process includes an on-site evaluation of the company’s operations, including its agricultural practices, environmental and social impacts, and management systems. 

The company must also comply with the Rainforest Alliance’s sustainability standards, which cover areas such as conservation of biodiversity, protection of water resources, and fair treatment of workers. Only if the company is found to be in compliance with these standards, it will be awarded the Rainforest Alliance certification.

What is 4 Hat LLC?

4 Hat LLC is a company that runs 25 websites, all of which give their profits to Iris Global, an organization who serves the poor. Passion’s Coffee provides these countries by giving 10% of their profits to Iris Global, who then distributes the money to the necessary countries.

The values of 4 Hat LLC – Integrity, Faith, and Purpose – is what they believe set them apart from others within the eCommerce space. They are a veteran-owned (US Army 77-80) and minority-owned (Mexican-American and Argentine) business. 4 Hat LLC is driven by faith, which means that they do all things for Christ. They also conduct their businesses internationally.

They conduct their business with a great focus on relationships, from friends and neighbors to people who they haven’t met yet, and with a belief that all want to love and be loved. They find that this is what gives their business meaning, and it is through this that they want to help facilitate opportunities for connections with friends, family, community, and God.

By making a purchase on the websites of Passion’s Coffee and 4 Hat LLC, anyone can help contribute to Iris Global, and therefore the world.

To conclude

Passion’s Coffee, as well as 4 Hat LLC, helps people in need within countries such as Africa, North- and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Jay Fernandez, CEO of Passion’s Coffee, says, “We decided to partner with Iris because they have proven that they will meet the needs of the people regardless of their background, no strings attached.”

Furthermore, by being Rainforest Alliance certified, they are committed to protecting natural habitats, conserving soil and water resources, and minimizing the use of agrochemicals. They also promote the conservation of wildlife, and the use of sustainable agricultural practices that reduces the use of fossil fuels and the carbon footprint. More than that, they must ensure fair treatment of workers, including safe working conditions, access to healthcare, and fair wages.